• The Ausco Hub for EZ-GO PK-2127 is a massive upgrade over the manufacturers OEM part. This hardened 2-piece set is far superior to the stock part to prevent wearing out the spline on the brake drum. The best part? You can install it at home very easily Contains 1 Hub Fits: Electric EZ-GO TXT cart 2001.5 and Up.  
  • Beast Double Gun Rack

    This item fits EZGO TXT Golf Carts from 1995 to present. This gun rack can be adjusted for 2 guns or bows mounted parallel . Our double gun racks are made of high quality powder coated steel with vibration reducing mounts for safe and secure storage of your hunting rifles or bows. Install with an easy 2 bolt mounting system. Fits 3/4" or 1" struts - can easily be installed at home.  
    Gas Shocks for EZ-GO TXT carts Are Nitrogen Gas Charged & Feature 10 Stage Valving & All Weather Fluid, Which Offers Passenger Cars Improved Comfort At An Economical Price. Fit EZ-GO TXT carts from 2001.5 and up.
    Includes hardware and bushings.
    • All Weather Fluid: Contains Special Modifiers To Reduce Friction & Ensure Smooth Rod Reaction.
    • 1-3/16" Bore: Larger Bore Than Most Shocks To Provide More Efficient & Consistent Control.
    • Nitrogen Gas Charged: For Improved Ride & Handling, Helps Maintain Tire To Road Contact By Reducing Aeration.
    • 1/2" Diameter Piston Rod: Nitrocarburized Rod For Long Service Life. On Non-Dust Shield Units Only.
    • Special Seal: "Self-Lubricating" Fluid Seal Designed To Retain Gas w/o Excessive Wear Or Friction.
    Lower Mount Stem 3/8 x 16 in.
    Shock Compressed Length 10.75 in.
    Shock Dust Shield Yes
    Shock Extended Length 17.25 in.
    Shock Parts Pack Part # Two P1134
    Shock Travel Length 6.5 in.
    UNSPSC 25172011
    Upper Mount Stem 3/8 x 16 in.
  • Personalize the driving experience with Navitas On-The-Fly Programmer. (Requires a Navitas Controller)
    • Adjust for More Speed or More Range
    • Set the level of Regenerative Braking
    • Control Rate of Acceleration
    • Key Lock to lock in the settings, disable the dials and allow physical removal of the programmer
    • Diagnostics - LED is used to signal state change and diagnostic information to the operator.
    • Works with the Navitas Controllers ONLY
    Manufacturer promo info found here
  • Our Beast Independent Front Suspension  is custom built for EZ-GO TXT carts to provide a smooth ride in the toughest terrain and greater clearance over obstacles. Fits EZGO TXT 2001.5 and up.  
  • The Cell Buckle is a versatile cell phone holder for your golf cart, car, bike or anything else. We actually use them on all our Beast models which include the Navitas On the Fly Programmer because they fit perfectly and hold the programmer securely. If you want one for your controller and one for your GPS or Cell Phone for added safety - we can't recommend them enough. We've tested a number of products for this purpose, and Cell Buckle is the one that won us over. It's got a great price, it's sturdy, and it's easy to install.
  • Our DND (Do Not Disturb) Led Light bar series.  This light bar is designed to provide the best of both worlds with bright white light to operate a UTV/Buggy at high speeds, and Green when you are ready to go stealth mode. The DND line of lights have been designed for hunters by hunters to give you exactly what you need. Our Bars give you the choice of Bright White light and the option to switch to bright green with just a flick of a switch.They have 40 - 3 Watt LED producing 120 watts. The DND series use DC 10-30 Volts making connection in any situation a breeze.  DND LED Bars are waterproof, Dust-proof, and vibration resistant with are rating of IP67. Time to show up your friends with the New line of DND LED Lights from SLL.

    Comes with special designed wire Harness and mounting brackets Dementions. 23"W3"H3.5"D
  • The Pro Charging Systems (PCS) Battery Fuel Gauge solves one of the most common complaints about battery status indicators currently on the market— that most battery status indicators are not accurate or reliable. Many employ old technologies. (PCS) battery fuel gauges change that paradigm. Think the old “Motorola Brick Phone” from the late 1980’s versus today’s I-Phone. PCS battery fuel gauges measure a battery’s energy state with precision and accurately displays the information. At a glace, the gauge is easy to read and understand. Since the system utilizes intuitive technology, it fits and adapts to a wide range of applications. We take great pride in the performance, quality and versatility of our products backed by exceptional customer service.  
    • Nine LED array shows level of battery pack depletion
    • LED array flashes while charging the battery pack
    • Low Battery Voltage LED Indicator - Red indicator flashes warning and stays on when charging is required
    • Status self-adjusts while charging is in progress
    •  Rugged PC ABS polymer case/water resistant design
    • For use with Lead Acid (Wet Cell) and AGM batteries
    • Installation is simple and requires a 1.065”x1.58” cutout
    • Made in the USA
    For more information in the Battery Fuel Gauge download the informational PDF here
  • This black EZ-GO TXT Golf Cart top adds a stylish look to your EZ-GO golf cart.  This 54 Inch EZ-GO Golf Cart Top is designed for installation on ALL EZ-GO TXT GOLF CARTS. Easy for a non-professional to install, just slide into your existing struts and drive off. Great for improving the look of your EZ-GO or replacing a damaged top.    
     Recommended For:    ALL EZ-GO TXT GOLF CARTS (gas & electric)
    E-Z-GO Years:    1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
    E-Z-GO Years:    2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
    Condition:    New
    Color:    Black
    Warranty:    1 year manufacturer warranty
    Weight:    26 pounds
    Material:    Heavy-duty injection-molded UV inhibitor-treated top
    OEM Model Number:    27069G11
    Product Includes:    54" rooftop only (no struts included because you install on factory top struts)
  • D&D Motors are world renowned for making the best electric motors on the planet - and we've gone one better and had them build a motor just for The Beast lineup. You can ONLY buy this configuration from us and we're really proud to have worked with such an amazing American company to provide our customers with world class performance, reliability, and quality from D&D Motor Systems, Inc. Our Exclusive D&D motor specs include: Model:  170-514-0001C-BEAST Type: Regen Rating: Class H Peak HP: 15.9 AMPS:  500/28 RPM: 900 Works with programmable and non-programmable controllers 100% Made in USA in Syracuse N.Y.
  • TSX2.0 36V-48V 600 AMP controller by Navitas features:
    • Built in thermal protection
    • Integrated motor protection
    • Works with most OEM carts (instructions included)
    • Compatible with separately excited motors
    • works with series motors (OTF Programmer required)
    • 36V & 48V
    • Extends range and drive time
    • compatible with sock motors
    • compact design
    • regenerative braking in forward and reverse
  • The Beast Headrest is a bolt-on, double-cushioned headrest that can be added to any EZ-GO cart with standard roof and frame assembly. Includes: Two headrests. crossbar, necessary hardware for installation.